Monitoring of competitors' prices on aggregators

to form a competitive pricing policy

This offer differs from the classical competitor price parsing in that it allows you to collect data from price aggregators (hotline,,,, and others). This approach allows you to save your budget on parsing competitors' prices because price aggregators have already collected data for different online stores. For example, if 5-10 of your competitors are represented on the hotline, then budget savings can reach 10 times. Hotline parsing can represent the best value for money. Especially for small stores that cannot afford to collect data on 10 or more competitors, but at the same time they want to conduct a competitive pricing policy and be aware of the current market situation.

Budget saving
Instead of collecting data from multiple competitor sites now collecting data from one aggregator site is enough
Get a competitive price
Competitive pricing data allows you to quickly build an effective pricing policy
Always ahead
Get the opportunity to work ahead of the curve and conduct an effective pricing and assortment policy