Monitoring of competitors' prices

for the formation of price policy taking into account the prices of competitors

Monitoring competitors' prices differ from parsing prices from aggregators in that it contains more relevant data. Aggregators can often contain irrelevant data on the price (when different prices are on the aggregator and on the main site), and irrelevant data on the availability (it happens that the goods that are not in the storehouse are presented in the aggregator). Also, aggregators may not always contain a full range of store products. And also your competitor is not always to be placed on aggregators. Therefore, competitors' price tracking can be attributed to an effective method for aggregating relevant data and prices, shares, stocks, and the assortment of competitors' product lines. This allows you to determine the optimal pricing strategy to maximize profits and provide a competitors-based pricing strategy.

Only actual data
You can choose the exact list of competitors who will be analyzed for repricing
Get a competitive price
Competitive pricing data allows you to quickly build an effective pricing policy
Always ahead
Get the opportunity to work ahead of the curve and conduct an effective pricing and assortment policy