Parsing Hotline - what is this?

Monitoring prices on hotline

Hotline is an online product catalog of Ukrainian online stores with daily attendance statistics of about half a million users. "Walking around" the catalog most part of this audience goes by-product links to the store and makes purchases in it.

Hotline is hundreds of thousands of products and dozens of offers for each item! Here you can not only study their characteristics but also compare the price of the product from different sellers.

Price Parser on Hotline. What is it and how is it organized?

It is a separate program that requires installation on your PC - do it. After opening it, you need to:

  1. Edit the input data. At this stage, you select the links to only those categories of goods that you are interested in. Next, select the shop-parsers company and click on the "Run" button.
  2. Parsing Hotline is started, but you can stop the search at any time if you have already reached the desired result.
  3. After completing the last step, go to the "My Documents" folder on your computer and study the report document on the analysis in Excel format.

In addition, this platform allows you to study the product offerings of competitors in manual mode (through a selling company website).

  • Choose a catalog of goods on the main page of the store.
  • We specify a request for a particular position (eg, "washing machines") and study the output.
  • After selecting the manufacturer, type, and other parameters, you will get a product list for the desired item.
  • Press the "Compare Prices" button and you will get to a page where different stores offer the same model.

Here, in addition to the price tag and the name of the selling store, we get a link to it, access to reviews of the selling location, access to a user rating and other information necessary for effective monitoring.

Helecos offers an independent program to detect dumping with automatic alerts upon detection. It is:

  1. Complete absence of manual labor to find violations.
  2. Ease of use of the system.
  3. Structured reports with subject information for you that does not need screening.
  4. High speed of results (in minutes after launching).
  5. Round-the-clock access to the service.

To get a free trial version of the program or to get a consultation on working with the system, please call +38(073)072-1221.

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