Automation of price uploading to the website and price monitoring

always up-to-date data on competitors' prices

Price adjustment is an unavoidable process of any business! If we are talking about 1-2 products, then it is possible to perform this task manually with any frequency. However, what if the number of product items is measured in tens, hundreds, or even thousands? There are still several options in this case:

  • Use the Microsoft Excel program, making all the necessary changes manually across the tables.
  • Software module 1C or similar.

It should be noted that today there are services that can be programmed for a specific task, such as "Search for dumping" and alerts on its detection in the ranks of your competitors.

Automating price uploading to the website - why is it important?

Your benefit in choosing this solution:

  1. Saving time - especially important if the business has just started and a large number of functions you are still "pulling" on yourself. The program will do everything for you, shielding you from routine.
  2. Saving money - there is no need to hire employees to manually unload prices and monitor competing stores, everything happens automatically online.
  3. High accuracy of information. A human is not a robot and the error probability is too high! A computerized monitoring system relies solely on figures and facts and certainly will not miss anything!

Constant and effective price monitoring is the next step on the way to business development

The key task at this stage is the detection of competitors who play unfairly and underestimate the set price policy (below the MRTs). Advantages of automated control:

  •     If violations are detected, you, as the customer, receive a notification informing you of this.
  •     Sites are analyzed without your participation - there is no need to open each category, or each product - the system will do it all for you.
  •     When you analyze sites manually, information is gathered in a bubble, you get a lot of unnecessary data which has to be sifted out. Helecos filters the information for you and gives you only what you need to maintain effective competition.  

There is a free demo version of the program for testing. Additional thematic consultations are available by phone +38 (073) 072 1221 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)

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