Monitor partner prices

Is it so important to constantly monitor partner prices?

Such a marketing tool as "price monitoring" is a necessity today. It provides quick and maximally accurate information about what price tag your partners set for their products.
Competitor price monitoring - a pointless waste of money or something without which online commerce cannot be as successful as possible?

Myths about competitor price offer monitoring systems:

  1.     Business is booming and there is simply no point in implementing additional modules! This statement is as consonant as possible with the phrase "We have enough, why should we need more." The main goal of any business is to achieve the highest possible results, and without a competent analysis of the market, stable growth cannot be provided under any circumstances.
  2.     Price aggregators are enough for monitoring. In reality, such resources can take into account only 20-30% of all prices, and data on the proposals of partners are updated so rarely that their relevance is lost. What is free cannot be effective!
  3.     A special employee works with partners, who control the situation with prices.  Suppose your catalog of 700 items, and competitors 11. This same employee in a day must manage to get through 7700 items! And even if he manages to do it, by the end of the day the prepared report will no longer be relevant!
  4.     Parser is a worthy substitute for the monitoring system. In fact, we are talking about a program that collects only the primary data from the sites of partners! It has no analytics, which requires a significant amount of time, which is definitely working against you in Internet trading. With automatic price monitoring, you get a sorted report within minutes after starting the analysis.
  5.     A contract has been signed by all partners with the condition that there is no dumping. You have to understand that competition often forces you to violate the terms of the contract and it is necessary to fight it! The first step in this matter is to find violations on the market.

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